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Are You Financially Ready for Your First Investment Property?

  There are countless stories of individuals buying multiple homes they could not afford in the buildup to the 2008 housing market collapse. Many of these individuals had to file for bankruptcy as a result of their financial decisions. Every day, people buy homes they shouldn’t buy, and this is true for investment properties as …

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Creating A Legacy

My mom recently sent me an email about my grandparents and their approach to wealth and saving. She said at one point when her parents had a home and three children and two cars and a comfortable life, they decided they had everything they needed. From then on, all bonuses and extra money went into …

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Start With Why

“Nothing is more likely to help a person overcome or endure troubles than the consciousness of having a task in life.”  –  Victor Frankl Victor Frankl wrote an excellent book called “Man’s Search for Meaning” in which he reflected on his thoughts and experiences during his time in a Nazi concentration camp during World War …

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