Honor & Equity: A real estate investing resource for military members, veterans, and their families

Doug Spence


• Currently lives in San Diego with his wife, Cait, and parrot, Ruby • Born and raised in Houston, Texas • Attended Baylor University for undergrad, and obtained MBA from the University of Florida • Active Duty Navy officer since 2009 • Purchased first property in 2016 • Joined Gobundance in 2021

Tess Reitz

Managing Partner

• Lives in Honolulu, HI with Active-Duty Army husband, Trevor, and frenchie, Murphy • Born and raised in Miami, FL • Graduated with a degree in Marketing from Florida State University • 9 years in start-up and luxury tech sales/operations leadership • Purchased first investment property in 2020 • Joined Gobundance Women in 2021

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