Honor & Equity: A real estate investing resource for military members, veterans, and their families

Welcome to Honor and Equity, Tess Reitz!

Aloha! I am thrilled to officially come on board as a partner in Honor & Equity. How fortunate am I to have a brother-in-law like Doug that not only has been a great addition to the family but also has taught and inspired my journey into real estate investing and strategic personal spending/investing! I hope that in joining H&E, I can pay this forward and do the same for others.

A bit about me: I currently live in Honolulu, HI, with my husband, Trevor, and our French Bulldog, Murphy. I am originally from Miami, FL, and graduated from Florida State University in 2012 with a degree in Marketing (go ‘noles!). I nearly completed a minor in Real Estate Finance which, looking back on it, may have foreshadowed this journey into real estate. Since graduation, my career in the tech industry, specifically retail and operations, has been largely focused on fostering quarter-over-quarter growth through team engagement, client experience and process improvements. I particularly enjoy developing impactful leaders and implementing scalable solutions for the pain points that can arise in a rapidly growing business.

My foray into Real Estate really began just over a year ago when my husband and I purchased our first rental property in Milwaukee, WI via Storehouse Ventures 3:10 (Thank you, Stu and David). Since that eye-opening experience, I have grown to understand in practice rather than in theory how real estate can be leveraged as a powerful tool for wealth creation and passive income. In addition to countless hours as a podcast student and many books read (most of which have been recommended by Doug), I was also able to learn from my participation in the OKC Duplex BRRRR that many of you have read about by now. If not, take a look here.

When Doug approached me about formalizing our mutual interest in investing and real estate by making H&E a family business, we realized that while we have common interests, our backgrounds couldn’t be more different and our skillsets are equally diverse. Plus, we get along really well (even if he is sometimes a sore loser when I win at Dutch Blitz). In our minds, this had the potential to be a great opportunity for both of us to achieve our goals while helping others achieve theirs. To solidify our hypothesis, we did a four-month partnership trial and as you can probably guess by the fact that you’re reading this – it went well!

I love what Honor and Equity stands for, and I am proud to allocate some of my personal time to helping others, specifically military members and their families, reach financial independence in whatever capacity I can. My Grandfather served in the military. My Uncle graduated from the Naval Academy and also proudly served his country. I am surrounded by fine examples of intelligent, disciplined, and selfless people that choose to serve our country: my twin sister is in the Navy, my sister-in-law and her husband are both in the Army, my husband is in the Army as well, and of course Doug. Oftentimes, because of differences in background, schooling, profession etc., military members are so busy with life’s other demands that they may not have found the right time or resources to provide them with education and tools to secure long term financial stability for not only themselves but for generations to come. Enter: Honor and Equity.

I’m looking forward to this new partnership, and hope to meet more like-minded and inspiring people along the way.

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